Give All The Idiots A Brand New Religion
Straight outta Burley, Leeds. I produce electronic dance music, DJ, do street art, cook, smoke, and chill, mostly.
Give All The Idiots A Brand New Religion
Best mug ever, charity shops never fail to disappoint.
Butters loving her new chill spot :)
So happy this little chill spot is right next to my house, and there’s a huge forest to play in too :D
Homemade ‘za with homegrown salads n erbs on top, Bella! #foodporn#food#cooking
If my hair is now long enough to do up like dog the bounty hunter’s does that authorise me to commit citizen’s arrests? I think so. 

Been getting my fingers green int garden today :) now to enjoy some rays!
An ashtray I made from @matthewsnowley ‘s band’s vinyl, ‘we’ll die smiling’.

Honey, I shrunk the bong. Doh! (dont try clean plastic bongs with hot water - stoner 101) 

Objective for today: stay as still as physically possible so my furry buddy can rest her limpy broken leg. Let the fun begin.
My poorly patient for the day, when she’s coming in during the early hours with a fractured/limping leg it makes me wanna rename her scraps. Silly kitty with her catitude!