Give All The Idiots A Brand New Religion
Straight outta Burley, Leeds. I produce electronic dance music, DJ, do street art, cook, smoke, and chill, mostly.
Give All The Idiots A Brand New Religion
Finished off my poem, complete with slightly spazzy Biro doodle :)
Butters’ collection of new boyfriends waiting for her outside (the white tabby is a stray who joins us for dindins sometimes) :) 

Got fed up of walking around in the rain so I made myself a pizza from scratch to entertain myself, mucho bella!
Cruising in the magic bus with ‘the truth’ while listening to Santana, good times.
Who wants to come chill in this twig tepee I found in the woods? Its awesome!
Home-grown and home made jamaican jerk chicken and chive ceaser potato salad, ommm!
Boooom! Can’t wait!
sun is shinin, eyes be squinting, yeah..
Listening to some isaac hayes and reading in the park is making my sunday a soulful one indeed
Always watching, always waiting (to jump on my back), old habits definitely die hard!